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Mike Stroud - 2016 Sunday Evening Class - Podcasts

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Book: Highly Favored of the Lord - Vol I
Book: Highly Favored of the Lord - Vol II
Highly Favored of the Lord - Vol III

001 - The Holy Spirit - 1:10 Min
The differences between the Holy Ghost and the Light of Christ.
Transcript: Podcast_001_TheHolySpirit.odt
Transcript: Podcast_001_TheHolySpirit.pdf
Index: Podcast_001_TheHolySpiritIndex.pdf

002 - The Telestial World - 1:00 Min
The Telestial world.
Transcript: Podcast_002_TheTelestialWorld.odt
Transcript: Podcast_002_TheTelestialWorld.pdf
Index: Podcast_002_TheTelestialWorldIndex.pdf

003 - Adversity - 0:57 Min
The place of adversity in our pathway back to the Father.
Transcript: Podcast_003_Adversity.odt
Transcript: Podcast_003_Adversity.pdf
Index: Podcast_003_AdversityIndex.pdf

004 - Mighty Prayer and Personal Revelation - 1:04 Min
How to avoid deception and obtain a higher order of prayer.
Transcript: Podcast_004_MightyPrayer_PersonalRevelation.odt
Transcript: Podcast_004_MightyPrayer_PersonalRevelation.pdf

005 - Angels and Precious Promises - 1:01 Min
The ministry of angels and obtaining precious promises from the Lord.
Transcript: Podcast_005_Angels_and_PreciousPromises.odt
Transcript: Podcast_005_Angels_and_PreciousPromises.pdf
Index: Podcast_005_Angels_and_PreciousPromisesIndex.pdf

006 - Accusations and Advocacy -1:03 Min
The adversary encourages us to accuse others and blame them for our own weaknesses and faults. Christ's way is to advocate in behalf of the offender.
Transcript: Podcast_006_Accusations_and_Advocacy.odt
Transcript: Podcast_006_Accusations_and_Advocacy.pdf

007 - Tokens and Signs -0:58 Min
How the Father and the Son have used tokens and signs since the time of Adam to guide God's children successfully back into His presence.
Transcript: Podcast_007_Tokens_and_Signs.odt
Transcript: Podcast_007_Tokens_and_Signs.pdf

008 - Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost -1:40 Min
Mission training given by Mike Stroud in New Jersey of 2015 with President Paul Taggart.
Transcript: Podcast_008_Baptism_of_Fire.odt
Transcript: Podcast_008_Baptism_of_Fire.pdf

009 - Claim the Blessing - 1:03 Min
How to claim the blessings the Lord wants to give you. They are still doing well and fulfilling the measure of their creation.
Transcript: Podcast_009_ClaimTheBlessing.odt
Transcript: Podcast_009_ClaimTheBlessing.pdf

010 - Channels of Light & Truth - 0:58 Min
The various channels of light and truth that the Lord provides for His children as they seek to return to His presence.
Transcript: Podcast_010_Channels_of_Light_and_Truth.odt
Transcript: Podcast_010_Channels_of_Light_and_Truth.pdf
Index: Podcast_010_Channels_of_Light_and_TruthIndex: .pdf

011 - Being Made Perfect in Christ - 0:56 Min
How we can be made perfect in Christ
Transcript: Podcast_011_Being_Made_Perfect_in_Christ.odt

012 - The Second Comforter - 1:05 Min
Obtaining a personal audience with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Transcript: Podcast_012_The_Second_Comforter.odt
Transcript: Podcast_012_The_Second_Comforter.pdf

013 - Unbelief - 0:52 Min
Unbelief, the obstacle that keeps us from obtaining promised blessings, including that of receiving the Second Comforter.
Transcript: Podcast_013_Unbelief.odt
Transcript: Podcast_013_Unbelief.pdf
Index: Podcast_013_UnbeliefIndex.pdf

014 - Unbelief Revisited/Priesthood Introduction - 0:58 Min
Transcript: Podcast_014_Unbelief_Revisited_Priesthood_Introduction.odt
Transcript: Podcast_014_Unbelief_Revisited_Priesthood_Introduction.pdf
Index: Podcast_014_Unbelief_Revisited_Priesthood_IntroductionIndex.pdf

015 - Priesthood - 63 Min
The various orders of the Priesthood.
Transcript: Podcast_015_Priesthood.odt
Transcript: Podcast_015_Priesthood.pdf
Index: Podcast_015_PriesthoodIndex.pdf

016 - Priesthood Continued - 0:59 Min
A discussion of the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, and the Fulness of the Priesthood.
Transcript: Podcast_016_Priesthood_Continued.odt
Transcript: Podcast_016_Priesthood_Continued.pdf
Index: Podcast_016_Priesthood_ContinuedIndex.pdf

017 - Devils and Unclean Spirits - 0:54 Min
The tactics and strategies of the adversary and his followers... Part I
Transcript: Podcast_017_Devils_Unclean_Spirits.odt
Transcript: Podcast_017_Devils_Unclean_Spirits.pdf

018 - Devils & Unclean Spirits Part 2 - 1:04 Min
The tactics and strategies of the adversary and his followers... Part II
Transcript: Podcast_018_Devils_Unclean_Spirits.odt
Transcript: Podcast_018_Devils_Unclean_Spirits.pdf

019 - Spirit of Prophecy & The Spirit of Revelation - 0:45 Min
Transcript: Podcast_019_Spirit_of_Prophecy_and_Revelation.odt
Transcript: Podcast_019_Spirit_of_Prophecy_and_Revelation.pdf

020 - Made Sure - 0:22 Min
How the word sure is used in the scriptures
Transcript: Podcast_020_Made_Sure.odt
Transcript: Podcast_020_Made_Sure.pdf

021 - Neutralized - 0:48 Min
We live below our privileges and the Lord's expectations.
Transcript: Podcast_021_Neutralized.odt
Transcript: Podcast_021_Neutralized.pdf
Index: Podcast_021_NeutralizedIndex.pdf

022 - The Remnant - 1:06 Min
How deliverance in our day is found in a group the Lord calls "The Remnant"
Transcript: Podcast_022_Remnant.odt
Transcript: Podcast_022_Remnant.pdf
Index: Podcast_022_RemnantIndex.pdf

023 - The Terrestrial World - 0:58 Min
The world to come
Transcript: Podcast_023_TerrestialWorld.odt
Transcript: Podcast_023_TerrestialWorld.pdf
Index: Podcast_023_TerrestrialWorldIndex.pdf

024 - The Terrestrial World Part 2 - 0:58 Min
Transcript: Podcast_024_TerrestrialWorld_2.odt
Transcript: Podcast_024_TerrestrialWorld_2.pdf
Index: Podcast_024_TerrestrialWorld_2Index.pdf

025 - Opposition in All Things - 0:56 Min
The need for opposition in all things and embodied/tabernacled evil in eternity.
Transcript: Podcast_025_Opposition.odt
Transcript: Podcast_025_Opposition.pdf
Index: Podcast_025_OppositionIndex.pdf

026 - The Celestial World Part 1 - 1:05 Min
What it means to be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise
Transcript: Podcast_026_Celestial_World_Pt_1.odt
Transcript: Podcast_026_Celestial_World_Pt_1.pdf
Index: Podcast_026_Celestial_World_Pt_1Index.pdf

027 - The Celestial World Part 2 0:55 Min
Transcript: Podcast_027_Celestial_World_Pt_2.odt
Transcript: Podcast_027_Celestial_World_Pt_2.pdf
Index: Podcast_027_Celestial_World_Pt_2Index.pdf

028 - The Powers of Heaven - 1:01 Min
Transcript: Podcast_028_Powers_of_Heaven.odt
Transcript: Podcast_028_Powers_of_Heaven.pdf
Index: Podcast_028_Powers_of_HeavenIndex.pdf

029 - Power in the Priesthood - 1:03 Min
Transcript: Podcast_029_Pwr_in_the_Priesthood.odt
Transcript: Podcast_029_Pwr_in_the_Priesthood.pdf
Index: Podcast_029_Pwr_in_the_Priesthoodindex.pdf

030 - Temple Thoughts - 1:05 Min
Some thoughts and experiences to help improve our temple worship
Transcript: Podcast_030_Temple_Thoughts.odt
Transcript: Podcast_030_Temple_Thoughts.pdf

031 - Progression in Eternity - 0:59 Min
" sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and with Jacob, and with all the holy fathers to go no more out." Helaman 3:30
Transcript: Podcast_031_Progression_in_Eternity.odt
Transcript: Podcast_031_Progression_in_Eternity.pdf
Index: Podcast_031_Progression_in_EternityIndex.pdf

032 - Why Temples - 1:07 Min
Transcript: Podcast_032_Why_Temples.odt
Transcript: Podcast_032_Why_Temples.pdf

033 - The Law of Justice - 1:00 Min
Transcript: Podcast_033_Law_of_Justice.odt
Transcript: Podcast_033_Law_of_Justice.pdf

034A - Accessing the Power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ - 0:52 Min
Transcript: MikeStroud_Accessing_the_Power_of_the_Atonement_of_Jesus_Christ.odt
Transcript: MikeStroud_Accessing_the_Power_of_the_Atonement_of_Jesus_Christ.pdf

034 - Temples: The Purpose of Gathering - 0:53 Min
The Purpose of gathering to temples is to receive the fulness of the Melchizedek Priesthood.
Transcript: Podcast_034_Temples_The_Purpose_of_Gathering.odt
Transcript: Podcast_034_Temples_The_Purpose_of_Gathering.pdf

035 - The Remnant of Jacob - 1:14 Min
Transcript: Podcast_035_The_Remnant_of_Jacob.odt
Transcript: Podcast_035_The_Remnant_of_Jacob.pdf
Index: Podcast_035_The_Remnant_of_JacobIndex.pdf

036 - Glory - 0:57 Min
A discussion on the gospel term "glory". What is it? How is it obtained? What is it's relationship to the Elohim and their children.
Transcript: Podcast_036_Glory.odt
Transcript: Podcast_036_Glory.pdf
Index: Podcast_036_GloryIndex.pdf

037 - The Gentiles - 1:06 Min
Latter-day Saints included among the Gentiles spoken of in the Book of Mormon.
Transcript: Podcast_037_Gentiles.odt
Transcript: Podcast_037_Gentiles.pdf
Index: Podcast_037_GentilesIndex.pdf

038 - The Virtue of the Word of God - 0:55 Min
Wayward children and the power of prayer.
Transcript: Podcast_038_Virtue_of_the_Word_of_God.odt
Transcript: Podcast_038_Virtue_of_the_Word_of_God.pdf

039 - Secret Combinations - 54 Min
Transcript: Podcast_039_Secret_Combinations.odt
Transcript: Podcast_039_Secret_Combinations.pdf

040 - Trust in the Lord - 1:01 Min
Transcript: Podcast_040_Trust_in_the_Lord.odt
Transcript: Podcast_040_Trust_in_the_Lord.pdf
Index: Podcast_040_Trust_in_the_LordIndex.pdf

041 - Entering into The Rest of The Lord - 0:56
Transcript: Podcast_041_Entering_Into_the_Rest_of_the_Lord.odt
Transcript: Podcast_041_Entering_Into_the_Rest_of_the_Lord.pdf

042 - Peace and Safety - 1:08 Min
Transcript: Podcast_042_Peace_and_Safety.odt
Transcript: Podcast_042_Peace_and_Safety.pdf
Index: Podcast_042_Peace_and_SafetyIndex.pdf

043 - Will Ye Also Go Away - 0:50 Min
Transcript: Podcast_043_Will_Ye_Also_Go_Away.odt
Transcript: Podcast_043_Will_Ye_Also_Go_Away.pdf
Index: Podcast_043_Will_Ye_Also_Go_AwayIndex.pdf

044 - From Eternity to Eternity - 0:51 Min
Transcript: Podcast_044_From_Eternity_to_Eternity.odt
Transcript: Podcast_044_From_Eternity_to_Eternity.pdf
Index: Podcast_044_From_Eternity_to_EternityIndex.pdf

045 - Baptism of Fire, Precursor to 2nd Comforter - 1:08 Min
Transcript: Podcast_045_Baptism_of_Fire.odt
Transcript: Podcast_045_Baptism_of_Fire.pdf
Index: Podcast_045_Baptism_of_FireIndex.pdf

046 - Atonement: The Law of the Celestial Kingdom - 0:49 Min
Transcript: Podcast_046_Atonement_Law_of_Celes_King.odt
Transcript: Podcast_046_Atonement_Law_of_Celes_King.pdf
Index: Podcast_046_Atonement_Law_of_Celes_KingIndex.pdf

047 - From Within the Veil - 0:57 Min
Transcript: Podcast_047_FromWithin_theVeil.odt
Transcript: Podcast_047_FromWithin_theVeil.pdf
Index: Podcast_047_FromWithin_theVeilIndex.pdf

048 - Calling & Election Made Sure - 1:04 Min
Transcript: Podcast_048_Calling_Election_Sure.odt
Transcript: Podcast_048_Calling_Election_Sure.pdf
Index: Podcast_048_Calling_Election_SureIndex.pdf

049 - Be Ye Not Troubled - 1:03 Min
Transcript: Podcast_049_Be_Ye_Not_Troubled.odt
Transcript: Podcast_049_Be_Ye_Not_Troubled.pdf
Index: Podcast_049_Be_Ye_Not_TroubledIndex.pdf

050 - Adam-ondi-Ahman - 1:48
Transcript: Podcast_050_Adam_omni_Ahman.odt
Transcript: Podcast_050_Adam_omni_Ahman.pdf

051 - Youth Fireside - 0:39 Min
Transcript: Podcast_051_Youth_Fireside.oddt
Transcript: Podcast_051_Youth_Fireside.pdf

052 - Seeing With the Eye of Faith - 0:51 Min
Transcript: Podcast_052_Seeing_With_the_Eye_of_ Faith.odt
Transcript: Podcast_052_Seeing_With_the_Eye_of_ Faith.pdf
Index: Podcast_052_Seeing_With_the_Eye_of_FaithIndex.pdf

053 - The Tip of the Spear - 0:42 Min
Transcript: Podcast_053_the_tip_of_the_spear.odt
Transcript: Podcast_053_the_tip_of_the_spear.pdf
Index: Podcast_053_the_tip_of_the_spearIndex.pdf

054 - The Keeper of the Gate - 0:21 Min
Transcript: Podcast_054_The_Keeper_of_the_Gate.odt
Transcript: Podcast_054_The_Keeper_of_the_Gate.pdf

055 - Tying Up Loose Ends - 1:18 Min
Zion - Doctrine of Translation, Priesthood Administrations, LGBT, and Seeing with the Eye of Faith
Transcript: Podcast_055_Tying_Up_Loose_Ends.odt
Transcript: Podcast_055_Tying_Up_Loose_Ends.pdf
Index: Podcast_055_Tying_Up_Loose_EndsIndex.pdf

056 - Layton Utah Conference - 1:37 Min
Take Time to be Holy, Devils and Unclean Spirits, The Role of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Establishment of Zion and the Doctrine of Translation.
Transcript: Podcast_056_LaytonUtahConference.odt
Transcript: Podcast_056_LaytonUtahConference.pdf

057 - Familiar Spirits/Calling & Election - 1:01 Min.
Transcript: Podcast_057_ Familiar_Spirits_Calling_and_Election.odt
Transcript: Podcast_057_ Familiar_Spirits_Calling_and_Election.pdf

058 Weapons of Light - 1:20:00 Min
Spiritual tools to use in combating and defeating the dark forces in the Telestial world.
Transcript: Podcast_058_Weapons_of_Light.odt
Transcript: Podcast_058_Weapons_of_Light.pdf

059 Topical Index of Podcasts
Transcript: Topical Index
Transcript: Topical Index.xls

060 Perplexity - 1:14:00 Min
The signs in the heavens and on the earth signal the end of The Day of the Gentile and the opening of the Day of Israel.
Transcript: Podcast_060_Perplexity.odt
Transcript: Podcast_060_Perplexity.pdf

An Evening with Friends - 0:42 Min
Transcript: Podcast_An_Evening_with_Friends.odt
Transcript: Podcast_An_Evening_with_Friends.pdf

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