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If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. (D&C 38:30)

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Tip #8 Weapons/Guns

You must select the proper tool for the proper use. Just like the wrench or any other specific tool, the gun comes in many sizes and has two useful purposes...  personal protection and hunting. The first and most important question is... Can and Do you know how to use it safely? If not, don't get one unless you are willing to learn.

Your best defensive weapon is your brain!

Personal Protection

Using a gun against an attack is just that, self protection. A gun will get stolen or get you killed if you are not willing to use it. I believe the only justifyable reason to use deadly force against any human is to save lives (yours, your family, your neighbors) and against brutal crimes (beatings, rape, arson, etc) where you MUST stop the criminal. BTW, I believe a threat to do so is the same as the crime and you are in imminent danger of being X'd.

Notice, I did not say property. There is a caveat here though, if you need your property to save your life or to stay alive, then is this not the same as saving your own life directly? I think it is.  This is the reason "Horse Stealing" was a capital offense in the old west.  A man without a horse in the wilderness (Indians, wild animals, no shelter, no food, etc.) usually died.  So, stealing a horse was, in fact, sentencing the person to death.

Just Don't like guns - Maybe an aluminum baseball bat is for you.

Serously... guns aren't the only type of weapons you can use to protect yourself. Using a Bow and arrows my take more practice than that of shooting a gun. However there is a compromise... Crossbows. AND, you still don't have to limit yourself to these two. There are all sorts of Medieval weapons which one can use to obtain game or protect yourself.



Just like any skill, hunting takes practice. If you don't go hunting now, you probably will "miss" your game anyway. Hunting has additional skills. Do you know how to dress your game? Do you know how to preserve the meat? Do you know how to preserve the hide?

Don't rely on hunting for meat, everyone else will be hunting. Game will get scarce. Besides trapping may be more effective.


When you decide you want a gun... get ammo, get training, get practice and be safe.
Find someone who loves to shoot and I'll bet they will help you select a gun and teach you free of charge.

Gun Comparisons

Pistols - Are used for personal protection. They are very diffucult to hunt with. They take the most time in developing good shooting skills and accuracy.

Rifles - Are used for hunting and can be used for personal protection.

Shotguns - Are used for hunting and personal protection.

Which Gun?

If you have to choose one "deer rifle" and one shotgun, you can do very well with a .243 and a 20 gauge, and with a 9mm pistol or .38 Special revolver for personal defense. This way the women in the family can use them also.

Gun Primer