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If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. (D&C 38:30)

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Tip #6 Masks

Protective Respirators & Masks

Respirator Masks come in various sizes, shapes and capabalities. These capabilities range from full biological protection to nuisance level dusts. It is wise to have respiratory protection when working with respiratory irritiants such as mold and dust. I'm alergic to Oak pollen, I know. The degree of protection is up to you.

In my opinion you don't need a gas mask, however, you may disagree. A gas mask would only protect you if you were wearing it at the exact moment a bioterrorist attack occurred. Unfortunately, a release of a biological agent is most likely to be done "covertly," that is, without anyone knowing it. That means you would not know ahead of time to put on your gas mask. They take training. Educate yourself about gas masks to avoid a mistake that could cost you your life. Purchase only from a recognized dealer or manufacturer.

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