Disaster Survival

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. (D&C 38:30)

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Tip 3 - Civil Defense

In nearly every situation, I believe there will be someone unprepared who is willing to steal what some who is prepared has.

In the Katrina episode, People who were prepared were frequently mobbed/threatened by those who weren't. There have been private reports of a significant increase in crime caused by the lack of virtually all law enforcement authorities. In the absence of immediate State or relief-agency assistance, the unprepared felt "entitled" to obtain these necessities any way they have to, up to and including looting, murder and mayhem. It is a matter of survival for them and they don't care about your survival. There are those who will take advantage of the situation just to loot.

There were many reports of smaller towns, farms, etc. on the fringe of the disaster area being overrun with those seeking assistance. In many cases, assistance was demanded rather than requested, and theft, looting and vandalism were reported. So, even if you think you're safe from the disaster, you may not be safe from its aftermath.

One has to sleep sometime, and while one sleeps, one is vulnerable. You will need to set up a security perimiter to alert you when indruders are present.

Here are a few Ideas:


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