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Tip # 12 - Fire

Ok! Its time to light the BBQ so we can have dinner, anyone got a match? Anyone got charcoal lighter?

Now, I'm not a Eagle scout... any scout want to take it from here. No volunteers. Well at Ordeal I was the only one to start a fire while it was raining to cook lunch. (I was a Scout Master at the time) so I might be able to give you some ideas. Maybe we should have a contest to see who can come up with the best way.

How may ways are there to start a fire? Lets count the ways.

  1. Match
  2. Butane lighter
  3. Battery and steel wool
  4. Flint and Magnesium
  5. Flint and iron
  6. Bow and drill
  7. Fire cylinder
  8. Magnifying glass
  9. Coke can and chocolate

The most useful way to start a fire is to keep some matches handy. The most useful matches are waterproof strike anywhere matches. You can make your matches waterproof by placing a thin coat of wax on each match. Ask a boy scout!

Butane lighter - OK, OK, not a revolutionary break-through, but it can't be beat and never leave home without one.

Yes, Steel wool burns. Its hard to put out too.

Flint and Magnesium - This is a really cool product that has been on the market for a few years now. To use, shave magnesium from one side (of course I don't need to tell you to carry a knife) and collect the shavings. Then with the back of the knife blade, "shave" the flint so that the sparks ignite the magnesium shavings.

I was a survival officer for the Air Force and I've been a Scout Master and I can tell you that flint and iron or the bow and drill techniques work. But not if you don't know something about how to use them. Certain woods work better than other woods. Just any wood doesn't work. I've seen an experienced teacher do one of these in 5 minuites and I've seen others never get them to work. But its fun watching the scouts try. I've never seen one work while wet and without the proper tinder. I've never had enough patience and only did this one once myself.

Most of us could use a magnifying glass to burn something... But start a fire. There is a little technique to this too (proper tinder). Yes, you can start a fire... with a coke can and chocolate bar... It's like the magnifying glass. Here's how http://wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/fire/cokeandchocolatebar/

Now, the last technique I just learned about... the Fire Cylinder. I think its neat and better than the bow and drill.

You use all these to start your all-weather fire starter. What, you don't have any all-weather (water-proof) fire starters?!

Here's how...
Cut the bottom off of a cellulose egg carton. Put cloths dryer lint or whittle shavings into all the "egg pockets". Melt paraffin or anything wax in a double boiler. Pour the melted wax into the carton until all the pockets are filled. Ensure that all the shavings get a good coating of wax. (its OK if the shavings stick out so long as they soak up enough was to make them waterproof. Once the wax is cool and hard cut the pockets apart. You now have twelve emergency fire starters. The shavings and cellulose sucks up the melting wax like a candle with a really big wick. They burn for about 3 minuites. Of course you can just buy some "fire sticks".

Tip # 12

Anyone thought about making fire starters?

A tip from the war torn country Sarajevo... Matches, Matches, Matches you can't have enouth matches.

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