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Knife Fighting

The only place where the knife fighting fantasy exists
is in the martial arts. There is no such thing in the modern
civilized world. In legal terms it is attempted murder,
assault with a deadly weapon or homicide. To the streetfighter
it is assassination, not a "fight" at all. To the criminal it is a tool
for robbery. Everyone else considers it abhorrent macho stupidity.

It would behove everyone to see the results of a nasty knife fight to see what can happen if you fight.

Most knife assaults are assassination attempts...how they occur is significantly different than how one "knife fights." By the time you realized there is a knife involved, you are already being attacked. If you are dealing with anyone with any experience, street savvy or cunning, you will not be able to draw your own blade when you are attacked. Against such a person, there is just not enough time. He won't show his weapon before he attacks. That's because those who are foolish enough to brandish weapons in places where weapons are common don't live long themselves.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the reason someone uses a weapon on another human being is to stack the deck in their favor. People don't use weapons to fight, they use weapons to win. The absolute last thing any attacker wants to do is to fight you with equal weapons. If he was looking for a fight he wouldn't have attacked you with a weapon in the first place. And if he knows you have a knife, he is going to attack you with a bigger and better weapon to keep you from winning. There is no fighting involved, you use the superior weapon to disable your opponent. And you do it before he does it to you.

As far as your attacker is concerned this is not a fight, it is an assassination. He is not going to want to stand there with you and hack it out. Unfortunately, this is exactly the fantasy that many goes though people's mind. The absolute last thing you want to do is to try to "fight."

Another reason that you need to chase the idea of "knife fighting" out of your head is that in many states there is this attitude that "consensual fights" are best resolved by throwing both of the morons who participated in jail. It is true, you have the right to defend yourself against attack, but if you decide to fight someone, it isn't self-defense anymore, and if you use a lethal weapon on someone in a "knife fight" that you could have avoided.In the eyes of the law, a knife is a deadly weapon. It's use on another human is classified as lethal force. And the only time you are justified in using lethal force -- in most states -- is when you are "in immediate threat of death or grievous bodily injury." In otherwords, if it is bad enough where you have to use a knife on someone, it is bad enough to kill them. If you are at a point where you are just trying to wound someone, you are not in enough danger to justify using a knife.

It is incredibly difficult to "corner" someone who is determined to leave. Basically because he will use your face as traction or squirt through the smallest of holes. And that is exactly what it will take in order to survive such a "no win" situation as a knife fight.

The bottom line is, in the Western culture, someone who is attacking you with a knife is attempting to murder you. They are not going to be hanging back cautiously in fear of your weapon and your fighting skill. Instead they will usually attempt to overwhelm you and quickly kill you by whatever means necessary.

There is a natural hesitation to take another human life. If you want to live, you don't go in with a "fighting attitude" to any altercation involving weapons. Weapons take it out of the arena of fighting and put it in the realm of combat. And if you aren't ready to go there, there is no shame in that. But don't let your pride or anger push you into there, because the rules are totally different, and if you don't know that, then you are the one who is going to get hurt. If you see a weapon deployed, run. If you stay, don't even think of fighting... kill him. The question now is, will it be him or you? Or both?

What amazes me is that some people can talk about the damage that their knife will do to an attacker, but at the same time blurt out the old clich; "expect to get cut" as though getting cut were only a minor inconvenience. And then, having said that, they take no effective measures to prevent it from happening! Trade a cut for a kill, but nothing else.

In a very real sense, combat is never easy. You cannot "fight" an armed opponent. You can survive against one and you might even be able to successfully put him down before he causes you any major damage...but, whatever you do, it must be fast, effective and brutal. If it isn't, then you will not stop him before he causes you major damage. You cannot stand there and engage in a long, drawn out contest with an armed opponent. If you try to do so, you will lose. It is not a matter of if, but of when. Someone who is genuinely intent on attacking you with a blade is *never* easy to disarm or overcome

Get ready to see some gruesome photos

These are the winners in a "knife fight". This is the true, ugly business of knife violence. This is COMBAT! Take a good, hard look.

One man when asked how he survived, his answer was classic - "I just grabbed hold of the arm holding the knife and fought like hell."

They won against a knife attack. If you have too, You can too.