Disaster Survival

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. (D&C 38:30)

Site Updated: 27 JAN 2018



Before a known disaster like a Huricane, telephone communications starts to become jammed. The earlier you call the better chance you have of getting through. During and after weather related disasters regular communications devices like computers (email), phones, cell phones, TV and radio stations might become unavailable.

The Red Cross operates a site called “Safe and Well” for individuals which are in a unusual situation or disaster and cannot contact others for some reason.


If you have been affected by an unusual travel situation or disaster, you can use this page to post "safe and well messages" that your loved ones can view. Registering yourself on the Safe and Well Web site is completely voluntary and you can update your entry at any time. Those searching on this site for your information will need to enter your name, along with your address or phone number. The search result will show only your first name, last name, the date and time of registration, and the messages you selected to tell your story.

Your registrations will only last 90 days, thereafter, you must re-register. You can use this for trips and give updates online when you cannot contact anyone. Be sure you do not reveal private information online.

Communication via "HAM" radio was sometimes the only option to help organizations work together while the day-to-day telecommunications systems are recovering. If you're interested in providing public service and emergency communications for your community, you can become a HAM Radio operator and join the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).

ARES volunteers in Louisana were heavily engaged in the Katrina recovery effort. Winds and flooding from the huge storm wreaked haoc in Louisiana, Missippi and Alabama. Power outages occured in Northern Alabama and Mississippi. Ham Radio operators remained on the air through the use of generator or battery power and supported communication for local emergency management agencies and the Red Cross.

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