Disaster Survival

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. (D&C 38:30)

Site Updated: 27 JAN 2018


72 Hour "Bug Out" Kits

72 Hour Kits should NOT be thought of as survival kits. They are in fact pre-survival kits or "Bug Out" kit. In any disaster situation there is a period of time in which our minds go into shock. These kits allow us three days to "get our act together." In other words, they are what we use while we are preparing our plans and facilities for long term survival. It would be much better to plan for 3 weeks.

72 Hour Kits should contain all the necessary items to facilitate long term survival. They should contain the normal water, food, clothing, and shelter for three days, but also items to start your life anew to included family photos, medical records, banking account numbers, credit cards, insurance papers, deeds, wills, work related data, resumes, tax returns, and telephone numbers and address for all these.

Think of this "Bug Out" kit as "I'll never be back here again kit AND I must leave everything" because you very well could not come back to your home (it having been destroyed and all with it).

Disaster Shelters
Immediately following a large disaster, suitable shelter sites will be selected from a predesignated list based on areas of need and estimated numbers of displaced persons. Each site must be inspected for safety prior to being opened to the public. Therefore, it is not possible to say with advance certainty which sites will actually operate as disaster shelters. As soon as disaster sites have been formally designated, this list will be announced through local media to the public. If it is unsafe to shelter-in-place, and you do not have an alternative, evacuate to a designated emergency shelter. Remember this is where the sheeple are. You may not be able to bring in any tools that are also identified as weapons. You may not want to bring in your knife if you can't hold on to it and it falls into someone else's hands. Finally, how are you going to keep other people out of your bug out bag or from running off with it? Who will be watching the bags? Can someone easily get into your bag? Can they easily cut your bag and get to your bug out gear? Remember Katrina... disaster awaits in a government shelter.

Team Bugout

The more people in your team, the more key components you can distribute throughout a number of bug out bags. Where you are going with your bug out bag may also determine the contents. The number of people you are traveling with will decide the amount of special gear that is going with the team, but will you be able to survive as individuals if you get separated from your team for any reason or if someone doesn't make it?

Is there storage on the location you are going and what equipment is on location? Most of the refugees we watched leaving Kosovo left with "nothing!"

You can share in the responsibilities of the camp. Those responsibilities might include security, cooking, washing, preparing meat (hunting), shelter, wood gathering, kids schooling, water collection, etc.

When there are more than one family involved, the coordination and communications involved becomes more important.

You got a trailer?  Enough gas to get there without refueling? Selected the best route? Does anything need specialized training or materials?