ye shall overcome...

23 MAY 2017


Chapter 1

Reality of the Devil

2 Nephi2:13
And if ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye say there is no sin, ye say there is no righteousness. And if ye say there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act nor to be acted upon; wherefore, all things must have vanished away.

There are many individuals who stand as witnesses that God exists. Many of these historical accounts have been collected and placed into literature. The largest collection of this literature is known as Scripture. God the Father and Christ, his Son, have been manifested by voice, flesh and sight. God first revealed himself to Adam ( Moses 5; 6) and has repeatedly made himself known by revelation to other chosen individuals. Such manifested examples are: at the baptism of Jesus ( Matt. 3: 16-17); the Transfiguration ( Matt. 17: 1-8); to Stephen ( Acts 7: 55-56); and to the Nephites ( 3 Ne. 11: 7). The Father and the Son personally visited Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove, in the spring of 1820, near Manchester New York ( JS-H 1: 11-20 ).

An interesting thing about these testimonies of which we read, which testify of the existence of God, is that they also testify of the existence of Satan. When God revealed himself to Moses, He spake thus:

Moses 4: 1-4

 1 And I, the Lord God, spake unto Moses, saying: That Satan, whom thou hast commanded in the name of mine Only Begotten, is the same which was from the beginning, and he came before me, saying—Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.

 2 But, behold, my Beloved Son, which was my Beloved and Chosen from the beginning, said unto me—Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever.

3 Wherefore, because that Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man, which I, the Lord God, had given him, and also, that I should give unto him mine own power; by the power of mine Only Begotten, I caused that he should

4 And he became Satan, yea, even the devil, the father of all lies, to deceive and to blind men, and to lead them captive at his will, even as many as would not harken unto my voice.

This pre-earthly story is retold in all the ages of time, the Old Testament Era, the New Testament Era (Revelation 12:7-10); Book of Mormon times by Lehi (2 Nephi 2: 17) and again in modern times through Joseph Smith and others in The Doctrine and Covenants (D&C29: 36-38/ D&C 76: 25-28).

Thus, we see that in all ages scripture teaches the reality of the Devil or Satan. We learn, that, as far as this world is concerned, Satan is indeed an individual who operates as “a slanderer, a demon, an adversary, and a spoiler” to the plan which God has implemented for our Earth. We also see that God, Himself, testifies to the reality of Satan.

My Conclusion:
This First Great Debate of the “Council in Heaven” with its war of words and the major players are made known to us by the word of God. If God, Himself, told us of all these individuals; of His existence, the existence of His Son - Jesus and the existence of Satan, that Satan is also literally a spirit son of God, that Satan was at one time “an angel” in authority; then their collective existence is of great importance to us.