Satan’s Tactics for Everyone

Satan has a plan for each sin he wants you to commit. He uses sequenced strategies using specialized people with polished skills to influence you whether it is alcoholic, porn, chastity, church attendance, etc. This is because Satan knows that the best person when placed in the wrong place long enough will eventually fall.

He uses systematic attacks to target specific individuals. The easiest individuals to attack are the Youth, the Investigator, and the New Convert. This is because these individuals are weak in faith because of their lack of experience with the spirit and in dealing with his tactics. But you must not lower your guard because he will attack everyone because we are subject to the frailties of the flesh.

General Tactic

Satan know that he cannot get you to do something BIG in the first moments of trying to get you to sin… like overdose on drugs. There is a sequenced strategy.

Let’s take drugs for instance as just mentioned. You’re in emotional pain and want to be relieved of its pain. Smoking marijuana will have an effect on the body and its sensations. The more you smoke the less effect is has because the body acclimates to those sensations. The body continually wants MORE. This occurs until you are no longer satisfied with the marijuana sensations. At this point you are in more pain because you haven’t solved your problem. You are now acquiring additional new problems because that is the way life is. You have added to your pain and problems so you need something more intense. You then try something harder… coke, crack,… something to get the same relief sensations you initially felt with marijuana. Now you’re using crack. Ooops… now your body has become addicted and when you withdraw; it rebels by giving you actual physical pain. No one wants pain. Isn’t that the reason you first started using marijuana… emotional pain relief… now physical pain relief. Eventually, just like marijuana, crack will not work to relieve your pain, both emotional and physical. You must use it continuously. Oooops… too much… overdose… dead. Satan has lead you little by little in a sequenced strategy through many months or years using specialized, polished skills, to your doom. He now has you in the chains of hell.

I believe there are specific four strategies which Satan will use on all individuals at one time or another. Caution, these are not the only strategies that he uses.

1. Someone will offend you.

So with this offence you will stop going to church and stop taking the sacred sacrament; you will leave the Savior, even though he has suffered much, much more for you and others, than you are now suffering. You can then choose to be offended and hold the grudge or forgive this offence. What is the most egregious thing about you becoming offended is that this offence is usually unintended. Why would you stop your own progression because of someone else?

2. Satan will temp you to NOT attend church.

He may temp you by saying something like, “You don’t have to attend church to be a good person.” This is a true statement; however, it is only PARTIALY TRUE, because Satan wants you to MISS the mark of the Celestial Kingdom. We have learned that good people go to the Terrestrial kingdom. And this will do that… miss the mark of the Celestial Kingdom. Part of his strategy here is to START the process of you disobeying God. You say, “This does not start the process. It does no harm.” But it does, because you are breaking the commandment of God to: Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Don’t go to church and you miss the mark of going to the temple. You miss the mark of being obedient to God.

The major reason you attend church is to partake of the Sacred Sacrament. This is the most sacred ordinance outside of the Temple. You must partake of the sacrament in order to remain faithful. Without Christ the enemy is too powerful. Without the sacrament you receive only a small portion of the spirit. If you come late to church and do not partake of the sacrament, isn’t that the same? Are you satisfied with a small portion of the spirit?

3. You will be tempted to view/read anti-Mormon material.

Understand some of this information is based on TRUTH. These incidents happened because the early saints were not perfect. Joseph Smith the prophet was not perfect and made mistakes. They were learning to be obedient to God and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ just like we are. We make mistakes… they made mistakes. The stories are twisted with conclusions which are not warranted. For example: Joseph Smith, while in Liberty Jail, had a pistol and shot it at the mob who attempted to barge through the jail room door in which they were in. These individuals would say something like: If he were a prophet, he wouldn’t have defended himself. What they don’t say is that he was also defending and protecting the men that he loved which were in the room with him. (Again PARTIAL TRUTH with the intent to deceive.)

Notice that they do not attack the Book of Mormon. Why… Because for 180+ years it has withstood the test of their false accusations. I even saw a sign which said, “Don’t pray about the Book of Mormon… That’s how they get you.”

The bigger problem here is that this literature is attached to an intelligent evil spirit being which is able to influence you through whisperings of THEIR spirit. When you choose to read this literature you make yourself, through your agency, influenced of them. Their purpose is to destroy your faith.

4. Religion takes away your agency.

Religion and being a Christian does not take away your agency. YOU CHOOSE… EITHER WAY. You can use your agency to follow God OR you can use your agency to follow Satan. It is as much of a choice to be obedient as it is a choice to be disobedient. Now, you can say it isn’t fun… You can say that… because fun to you is those things which are carnal and devilish; but that is an indication of your character. In the long term you cannot satisfy the spirit by being disobedient. It is amazing to me that Satan uses the strength you had to choose to follow God in the pre-existance to get you to choose to follow him in this physical world.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE and it WORKS.