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This site was intended to be a Briscoe collaborative genealogical research repository for documentation, history, stories and photos. It seems that I'm the only person inputing information.

Since the LDS website now is basically the same and is availablity to everyone, member & non-member alike, I have transfered Briscoe genealogical information there.

This site is going down on August 1, 2021.
Please use familysearch.org

Surname Origin: English
Alternate Surname Spellings:
Definition: 1) One who came from a place named Briscoe, from the Old Norse "birkiskogr," meaning "birchwood, wood of the birches." This surname originates in Cumberland and Yorkshire in North England.
Motto Translated: Take with a grateful hand.
Greyhounds: The Greyhound is said to denote majesty, courage, vigilance, swiftness and loyalty, and they were emblematic of nobility.

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